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Human Resource Manager
Human Resources

Smithfield Foods Inc.
200 Commerce Street, VA 23430-1204
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 Executive Details

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Position : Human Resource Manager
Department : Smithfield Packing
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Skill Category : Human Resources
Office City : Smithfield
Office State : VA
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 Company Information

Smithfield Foods Inc.
Smithfield Foods is a $12 billion global food company and the world`s largest pork processor and hog producer. In the United States, the company is also the leader in numerous packaged meats categories with popular brands including Farmland?, Smithfield?, Eckrich?, Armour? and John Morrell?. Smithfield Foods is committed to providing good food in a responsible way and maintains robust animal care, community involvement, employee safety, environmental, and food safety and quality programs.
200 Commerce Street
Company Type : PUBLIC
Ticker : SFD
Fortune Rank : 218
Primary Industry : Meat Products
Sector : Consumer Goods
Sales : 12202.7
Employees : 46350
Competitors : Hormel Foods Corp., Cargill Meat Solutions, Seaboard Foods
Auditor : Ernst & Young LLP
SIC Code : 02, 20, 51

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