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Lawson State Community College
3060 Wilson Road, SW, AL 35221-1798
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Position : President
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Skill Category : Operations
Office City : Birmingham
Office State : AL
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 Company Information

Lawson State Community College
Lawson State Community College is a comprehensive, public, two-year, multi-campus college, which seeks to provide accessible quality educational opportunities, promote economic growth and enhance the quality of life for people in its service area. The College is dedicated to providing affordable and accessible lifelong learning opportunities in order to prepare students for employment or career advancement, enable students to transfer to senior colleges and universities, and provide customized training needs for business and industry.
3060 Wilson Road, SW
Company Type : SCHOOL
Primary Industry : Education & Training Services
Sector : Services
Sales :
Employees : 0
Competitors :
Auditor :
SIC Code : 82

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